Our solutions for the recovery of your soils, materials and wastes

Because environmental concerns deeply challenge the construction sites, Hesus helps the European construction companies optimising the management of their excavated material – by providing the best recovery solutions with its logistics


Hesus is your unique contact point for the management of all your removal and delivery enquiries:

  • Inert soil
  • Contaminated soil (haz, and non-haz.)
  • C&D waste
  • material (primary and recycled)
Thanks to our online platform, making an enquiry is now simple as pie


A bespoke solution for your soil is then selected to optimise:

  • The treatment solution
  • The logistics
  • The prices

By doing so, the environmental impact, the logistics and the costs are all optimised.


The traceability of your waste is ensured. Treatment platform, reuse or restauration? The legal compliance is checked and your sites are safe.

  • Organization of the site
  • Securing flows
  • Regulatory oversight
  • Collect of documents

Proof of delivery, waste transfer notes, consignment notes, waste carrier licence, permit… all the documents are centralised and easily accessible


Manage your construction sites in just a few clicks on our digital platform Hesus Store.

From enquiry to traceability documents, including daily monitoring and call-off orders: all services are easily accessible on Hesus Store.

Added Value

Hesus allows companies to focus on their projects:

  • Time saving : all evacuations and intakes management are supported
  • Security: regulatory compliance is verified and our logistical responsiveness helps secure the workflow
  • Accompaniment: our expertise and engineering allows us to propose the best solutions for a quick and easy implementation

Our environmental commitment

Hesus conceive bespoke solutions promoting a circular economy and the environmental protection on construction sites.

We try very hard to always find the best place for your soils: reuse, restauration, treatment when necessary…. Transport is also optimised to minimise the traffic, environmental and carbon impact of the movements.

The services we offer:

Hesus is your expert for the removal of:

  • Soils: inert, non-hazardous and hazardous
  • Waste: C&D waste, wood, green waste, crushed concrete, asbestos…

But also your supply contact for primary and recycled material (aggregates, sand…).


We operate our services throughout France and more recently in other European countries :

  • United Kingdom
  • Poland