The services we offer


Hesus can help you with your soil removal and backfill needs.

Inert soils are first reused on another site or on restauration project. When screenable, the soil is recycled.
Contaminated soils are sent to the most adapted treatment platform, depending on the type and levels of contamination (asbestos, metals, hydrocarbons, Japanese weeds…).


Hesus can also help you with your materials needs: aggregates, soil and sand.

Whether it is for piling mats, road embankment, drainage, we will bring you the most adapted product.

We can provide you with various types of materials: recycled or primary, BS or not, different size…


For each of your sites, Hesus can take care of your waste and find the most suitable solutions. We provide bespoke logistics to match your needs (skips, wait and load…)